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In the digital marketing space, we are pioneers in the implementation of cognitive campaign management solutions. We equipped marketers with the capability to unify campaigns – across every touchpoint that include email, SMS, mobile and social channels such as Line&Facebook – and personalize campaigns with analytics-driven segmentation.

The key to effective digital marketing is the ability to churn trends from behavioral data and subsequently personalize campaigns for high propensity segment or target groups. We have mastered these techniques over several implementations with the largest insurance, telco and financial institutions in Thailand. We ensured quick ROIs by employing effective segmentation logic and marketing rules, and proven marketing templates for immediate use, that helped our clients improve campaign responses and monetize engagements. At the integration level, we helped the customers navigate through the complexity of setting up subdomains, deploying IP warming procedures and integrating with websites, kiosks, call centers, mobile apps and social media.

The Focus on Customer Journey

Delivery of personalized content and customer journey across every digital channel so that each individual has a uniquely relevant experience
Dynamic embedment of individually targeted product and content recommendations in websites, applications and social channels
Platform for design and perform a/b/n multivariate tests of content, offers and channel preferences that are most appealing to the audiences
Advanced-analytics of historical response, browsing behavior, demographic and location data to create better customer experiences with cognitive suggestions and guidance



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