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Our latest projects.

  • AI Chatbot for Largest Retail


    The client is a major player in several business sectors in Thailand, and is contributing to the rapid growth of the Thai economy, with strong focus in retail business. The Group has established a leadership position in almost all of the business sectors it has a presence in, namely: retail, shopping malls, real estate, brand management, hotels and resorts, as well as food servicing businesses.


    Customers are requiring more and more support from multiple channels. With the evolution of AI, the client selected AI Chatbot to provide information to end customers from store location, promotion availability, product information, loyalty points and much more.


    • ConvoLab AI Chatbot
    • Line, Facebook Messenger and Web chat as output channels
  • Big Data for Major Telco


    A major internet service provider and mobile operator in Thailand, with largest cable TV network and subscriber base.


    Our client have more than 3000 distribution agents across the country. Traditional reporting and tracking project has been time consuming and, as a result of manual reconciliation, incoming figures are not consistent.

    We helped our client implement enterprise data warehouse,data mart, and near realtime dashboards for tracking Telesales Agent ‘s performance. We designed a completely new real time ETL framework that greatly improved the productivity day to day operation and business analytics, helping our clients free up valuable time to focus on business execution.


    • Cloudera
    • Exadata
    • Informatica
    • Tableau
  • Upgrading Campaign Solution for The Biggest Telecom


    Our client is number 1 mobile operator in Thailand since 1990. Apart from Mobile business, the client also provides:

    • fixed broadband business with the most extensive fiber network in Thailand
    • digital content business to serve digital lifestyle in VDO&Entertainment, Playbox, Mobile Money, Game, Cloud+, and M2M Platform


    As Unica Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.X has reached it end of product lifecycle and will no longer be supported by IBM, therefore, to ensure that our client will continue using Unica suit without obstacle. It is highly recommended that our client should upgrade existing Unica suit to the latest version.

    Moreover, upgrading the suit will not only entitle client’s Unica ecosystem to be valid for continue the product support with IBM but will also enabling client to take advantage of the latest and most advanced capabilities to handle both batch and realtime campaigns to support multiple channels from SMS, email, Line, Mobile Push, USSD and much more


    • Unica Campaign
    • Unica Marketing Operation
    • Unica Optimize
    • Unica Interact
    • Watson Campaign Automation
    • Cognos
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